Monday, September 17, 2012

Lafayette to Desoto


We spent the night in the spare bedroom in the basement at Dale and Jane Ellen’s house.  IMG_0024They purchased a Victorian style home on a dirt road a couple of years ago.  The house even came with its own dogs.  Dale says the house is a little too “girley” for him, so he has laid claim to the barn.

After taking Hanna, Kara and Naomi for rides in the old Dales Grouptruck, we said our good byes and headed north again. We stopped for lunch in Piedmont and I adjusted the brakes, added oil and generally gave the car a safety inspection.  We were not able to stay too close to the state line because of Weiss Lake.  IMG_7073We crossed the lake at Centre and headed toward Little River Canyon.  We stopped at the falls where the National Park Service has built a new, accessible pathway to a viewing platform. 



IMG_7086From there we headed to our third Alabama State Park.  We arrived at Desoto and checked in to our cabin in time for the second half of the Alabama – Arkansas game. Sara wandered out onto the back porch to observe the four deer grazing contently in the back yard.  .IMG_0054











After the game, we walked around the park and ended up at the Lodge for supper.  We spent the evening discussing our trip with the waitress and a couple from Atlanta that had seen the truck on our arrival.

We both were beginning to realize that our adventure was close to being over, and we were a little sad.  I had once told her of a quote from an unknown source: “When a man is at home, he dreams of adventure. When he is on an adventure, he dreams of home .”  This had been very true of a lot of the adventures and trips I had been on in the past.  But this one was different.  Home IS where your heart is, and mine was sitting beside me in the Model A.

Mileage today: 142


  1. We have really enjoyed following your trip. Just missed you in Ft. Morgan ( we left on Sunday). Dave and Susan

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