Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Little R & R from our Vacation


After spending several days on the road, we had the need and the opportunity to spend a day relaxing and regenerating.  (you thought rest and recuperation, didn’t you?)  Charlie and Dudley both made it clear that we were welcome to stay another day.  We slept in, had breakfast on the deck, caught up on emails and devotional time.


We  didn’t get out until early afternoon. We decided to drive to Foley to have lunch at Lamberts (home of the throwed rolls).   Along the way, in Elberta, we spotted a café that we thought would be interesting to try, sadly it was closed.  Roadkill cafe

We had both heard good things about Lambert’s, but neither of us had ever been there.  It did live up to its reputation,both in character and quality of food.

Throwed roll 

And they really do throw rolls!

We drove the quarter mile or so to the outlet malls and did a little looking around, then returned to Gulf Shores to find the Wal-Mart.  I needed a small grease gun for the car, and while I was there, picked up a marine fire extinguisher.  The one I had for the car kind of got left behind because of its size and age, and I had fully intended to replace it before now – it just slipped my mind.

We met Kitty and Leo, our son-in-law’s aunt and uncle, and two of our grandkids third set of grandparents at The Point for supper. 

Kitty & Leo

We had been there before when it was so crowded and so loud that it was impossible to hold a conversation.  Tonight was totally different because, for a long time, we were the only ones in the place. Leo rode with me in the Model A and Sara rode with Kitty back to the beach house where we sat out on the deck and talked (and Skyped with our grandkids) and watched another stunning sunset.

Total mileage on the car today was 65, not bad for a Wal-Mart run!

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